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The Market Begins Anew Each Time A Child Is Born



Every parent, grandparent and caretaker of young children who want all children to have an equal opportunity to succeed in life, and erase the statistic that one in every four children in America cannot read with proficiency above a third grade level.

The stories of Keiko and Rubén are stories of fantasy filled with characters such as dragons, flying ponies, sea monsters and a jealous Wild Wild Wind. Letters come to life in the form of boys, girls, moms and dads; characters that will remain in the minds of children much like the Disney Princesses and Marvel Super Heroes.

Rubén, the boy of many colors, represents all continents. The locations such as meadows, farms, lakes, deserts, jungles, mountains, and even the Rainbow, echo the beauty of the universe, relating to all children and where they call home. Keiko is brave, willing to tackle anything on her journey to learn to read. She swims like a fish under water. She can throw a baseball better than the boys. She will learn the most important thing in life is not reading or writing; it is the love for each other that fills up our hearts.




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