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Rubén, the boy of many colors, represents all continents. The locations such as meadows, farms, lakes, deserts, jungles, mountains, and even the Rainbow, echo the beauty of the universe, relating to all children and where they call home. Keiko is brave, willing to tackle anything on her journey to learn to read. She swims like a fish under water. She can throw a baseball better than the boys.




FOR EVERYONE wanting to erase the statistic that one out of every four children in America cannot read with proficiency above a third grade level, the fantasy stories of Taylor Keiko Mochizuki and Sir Ruben Rainbow gives to all caretakers of children a way to teach children to read before they start school.



The Adventures of Taylor Keiko Mochizuki

& Sir Ruben Rainbow

Babu Mischief the

Greatest Trickster in

All of Rainbow

Scripts are based on the 19 sequential stories, Taylor Keiko Mochizuki & Sir Ruben Rainbow in the Land of Sounds. Stories one through eight make up movie one and stories nine though nineteen make up movie two.



Overview of 19 Media Episodes


Using the same technique as in Iceland with their 99% literacy rate, the stories are not ABC stories, but adventure stories in which letters come to life as boys and girls, moms and dads and grandparents.




Keiko Meets Sir Rubén Rainbow


A new teacher asks Keiko to read in front of the class. And Keiko can't read. School becomes a place Keiko does not want to be. Sir Rubén Rainbow arrives with his rainbow friends. Keiko travels the Rainbow to where she enters a world as large as the Land of Oz. Theme: Feeling less-than when falling behind one’s friends in school.



Crayon-colored fish play leapfrog, jumping in and out of a Jellybean Sea. Butterfly boats, glow with iridescent circles of gold. Rainbow Castles rise into the sky. A beautiful fantasy land materializes until Keiko forgets her promise To Maleeka, not to speak out loud until Maleeka says it's okay. Thunder echoes in the heavens. Down come the Shushes. They steal Keiko's talking voiceTheme: Not giving up when adversity strikes


Letters Are lLke Animals


Little Buddy (Maleeka's sea-world cane writes two letters in the jellybean cover of the Rainbow. Each time Keiko learns a letter's reading sound her talking voice returns. She sounds out the sound of the Shushes..."sh." Theme: One learns to read when one learns letters don't always say their names. Letters make their own special reading sounds. Reading Sound (sh)




In Keiko's world, the Wild Wild Wind can only make w-ild-w-indy-wh-istling sounds. He is jealous of earth children who come to Rainbowland and learn letter sounds. He dos everything in his power to stop Keiko from learning to read.



Captain Renaissance Red  


On the backs of giant turtles, Keiko and her rainbow friends journey to the ship of the dashing Captain Renaissance Red. The Wild Wild Wind covers the Sea in darkness. Keiko could be lost forever. Babu Mischief, the invisible trickster of Rainbowland comes to the rescue disguised as a giant Sea Monster. Babu pulls Captain Red’s ship through the green portico of the Rainbow, escaping the Wild Wind’s mighty power. Theme: Friendship/Heroism. Reading Sounds (Rr) (Ww).


 Ekeen & Echo


When a black wolf entwines the Blue Castle in wire,  Mousey, on the wings of a giant dragonfly, saves the day. The travelers enter the Land of Sounds. The Wild Wild Wind returns. A mighty battle ensues. Keiko is introduced to Ekeen and Echo, members of a letter family. Theme: The hurt jealousy can cause. Reading Sounds (Ee-Eh).



Little Dovey

Keiko loses her temper when trying to learn the reading sounds of a letter family that makes many, many sounds. She strikes out, accidentally hitting Little Dovey. He falls into the orange part of the Rainbow. With the help of the invisible Babu Mischief, Keiko travels into the Rainbow colors to ask forgiveness. Ophelia, a bodacious bird, comes to the rescue. The Sun, jealous that the Moon taught Keiko a letter sound, brings Keiko to her sun-room in the sky. Theme: Difficulty and frustration and the consequences of losing one's temper. Reading Sounds (Oo) (Nn). 


Little Bernee Buh

A sad little boy who thinks he's not good enough or smart enough to teach Keiko his letter sound. Keiko teaches him this is not true, and little Bernee (with the help of others) teaches Keiko how to blend together letter sounds to make words. Theme: Reading Sound (Bb) & Blending.

The Promise

Babu Mischief teaches Keiko to blend letters together. As she begins to sound out her first word, the Wild Wild Wind attacks. The small letters come to Keiko’s rescue. The Wild Wild Wind kidnaps Ekeen and Oona OO. Sir Rubén Rainbow with the help of the mighty Sun frees the little letters and chases the Wild Wild Wind out of the Land of Sounds (He will return). Keiko learns to sound out words. Her talking voice comes back. The Celebration of a Thousand Rainbows takes place. Theme: The fulfillment of a wish and the joy of celebration.

The second half of the saga begins. The stories move faster and problems children face in their everyday lives are addressed. The Wild Wild Wind reappears. He is captured and held by Babu Mischief with the help of friendly octopuses at the bottom of the Jellybean Sea. It is in the Cave of Tails, Babu Mischief, becomes visible. Theme: None is better than the rest. Reading Sounds (Ss, Hh, er, ing, es).


A Perfectly Phenomenal 

A transformer story: Letters turn into dragons and dragons turn into letters. Keiko learns the letter sound of the Ppuh family through learning to juggle. Babu Mischief disrupts their fun by changing the family's letter sound with the help of liitle huh. Keiko and her friends enjoy the fun of becoming dragons. Reading Sounds (Pp, Hh, Ff).


Caves can be dangerous places. Keiko doesn't wait for Ruben; she takes off alone to explore the Cave of Tails. A flash flood occurs; Keiko fights for her life. She meets Mr. Eh, the Silent Letter who teaches Keiko to look for him on the end of words. Music brings everyone together and Keiko meets the bodacious Mr. Razzle-Dazzel Rruh. Theme: The danger a child can put themselves into, when warnings are given and not followed. Reading Sounds (Silent Ee, Rr).



A detective story: Keiko is an alien child. She is immediately suspected of being a thief. Detective Circumstance arrives on the crime scene. She exposing the thief to be a small boy from a land with no color in it. Theme: Becoming the suspect of a crime because of where you come from. Understanding the misfortunes of others. Reading Sounds (Silent Cc, Kk).



A Water Angel shows Keiko and her friends the way to the Ice Palace home of the family of Wwuh. There's a tiny bit of romance in this story. But most important, Keiko will learn,"Everyone has their struggles." On her climb to the top of Winter Mountain, she will meet other children climbing the mountain -- children in wheelchairs. Reading Sound (Ww).



Keiko meets King A-At-All who teaches, "All you can be sure of in any world is change." Keiko meets Queen It, Is I, and all her small letters. Mousey, bored with the teaching of letter sounds, wanders off and falls into the Swamp of Vowels - and Mousey can't swim. Reading Sounds (Aa, Ii).


Keiko dives into the Swamp of Vowels to save Mousey. She is caught in a big bubble by a fish named Upsy. Upsy thinks Keiko is a monster fish who will try and eat Mousey. After saving Mousey, Keiko and Upsy become friends. Keiko meets Mermaids and Mermen. A Merman named Yancy teaches Keiko his letter sound. When lessons are over, Keiko and Upsy swim to an underwater city to discover a pirate's treasure  Reading Sounds (Uu, Yy).




Mrs. Damara DuhBois, a single Mother, leaves her home to pick up a present for her children. A disaster happens. Her home, with her children inside, begins to tumble over a cliff. Sir Ruben and Little Buddy save the day. Keiko learns their letter sound easily, but when trying to learn the tinker toy letter sounds, she finds she cannot do it. Babu Mishief comes up with a plan. On the way out of the Neon City, Keiko meets the upside down letters - the little luhs. Theme: The gift of having a wonderful mother, and the acknowledgement that not everyone lives in a home with a mother and a father. Reading Sounds (Dd, Ll, Tt).


The Land of the Loney Letters

Keiko questions how anyone could be unhappy in a Paradise like Rainbowland. She meets a sad little letter in the Land of the Lonely Letters; letters that aren't used as much in words. Keiko, Ruben, Maleeka, Shawneen and Mousey, all work together in helping this little letter see how important he truly isTheme: Being different; feeling you don't belong or that you aren't worth as much as somebody else. Undoing that untrue belief and highlighting the creativeness within each one of us. Reading Sounds (Zz, Qq, Xx, Jj).



Shawneen falls. He doesn't move. All of Ranbowlind are in mourning. Keiko is willing to give up everything, even learning to read to make Shawneen well again. The Giant AUTORIO, Rainbowland's giver of gifts bestows Keiko with a prophecy and heals Shawneen. 

Theme: Enlightenment to what is most important in life, as Keiko learns the most important thing in life is not reading or writing, and the value of someone is not measured in how smart they are.


The Witches of Rainbowland


A Gallant Gargoyle: Keiko meets giggling, wiggling, gurgling, friendly gargoyles. Keiko learns some letter sounds are harder to learn than others, and some words have to be memorized. Shawneen's Witches appear. They take Keiko away. She has to pass the Witches Test, to make her way back to Ruben and back to her mom and dad. Keiko begins a marathon through a Giant Thornberry Maze; thornberries tear at her yellow dress. They try and make Keiko fail the test. Theme: Courage in the face of danger. Reading Sound (Gg). 

The Land of the Voxes: Keiko is alone as she runs through the wicked Maze. She is stopped three times to answer the Witches' Questions. After answering the Witches' questions, the Witches turn into the kind and caring Voxes. The Voxes want to help Keiko, but they are not allowed to do so. The evil Maze knocks Keiko down, again and again. When she falls down and can't get up, the Wild Wild Wind thinks he has won. And then, seeing Keiko lying there, he becomes heroic, saving Keiko's life. Theme: When we think we're all alone, and no one is near; and inside ourselves we are filled with fear; there is someone to help us through, all of our trials and our sad times, too. And there are no Witches in Rainbowland. Reading Sound.  (Vv). 


Keiko wakes up in her own bed. At school she surprises everyone. She can read. School becomes an adventure. Her father surprises Keiko with a pony - Bright Star. It was nighttime in the heavens. Stars shone like city lights. A Rainbow guided their way. Keiko knew where they were going. She knew who would be waiting. “We’ll be back home in minutes, Bright Star, but that gives us hours and hours with Sir Rubén and all our Rainbow friends. Rainbow time is like mind time – you can live your whole life in just the time it takes to dream.  Theme: Even if one struggles, through not giving up, one experiences the joy of learning how to read.

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